RussWardlowHi, I’m Russ Wardlow. I might not be THE Russel Wardlow you were expecting – that was my uncle. He was pretty well known in the legal, investment and property worlds. Me… I’m just his nephew who likes to work on old homes and tinker on the internet.

We all have our passions and mine are more “hands on”. I spent years watching my father tear down and rebuild old homes. As they say, the chip doesn’t fall far from the tree (or is the apple off the old block???) …Anyway, his passion was contageous and now I do it for a living.

I also like to share knowledge I’ve acquired or cool things that I find, mostly pertaining to fixing up old homes. What I find, I share here. If you have something cool that you’d like to share with me so I can share it here, drop me a line. Sharing is caring!