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Bathroom Hardware – Making The Most of Old Stuff

Austin 4Today we’re looking at renovating an old bathroom on the cheap. We want to make the most of this very important room in the house, just like we did with the kitchen, but we don’t want to break the (very small) bank in the process. So just like with our older, outdated appliances, we put a little elbow grease into them and got them working just fine again (with a bit of help from our friends at Appliance Masters of course! We can do the same thing with our bathroom hardware.

There is nothing wrong with this stem whatsoever so all I am going to do is replace the flat washer and the ring and put some new, what are they called? Packing, this is graphite rope or graphite string, its rubberized and I’m going to pack it inside and put the ring back on, I’m going to show you how to do all that stuff so now we either have this with us and if we don’t then we got to take all three of these pieces to the hardware store, so I’m going to back to a trip to the hardware store, okay so we’ve got everything we need, we have the replacement washer and the ring that we’re going to apply and so we have everything here with us that we need so let’s go ahead and get started, I’m going to go ahead and take this apart, take this off and put this to the side, now what I did was I went to a local hardware store and got what we call a pro valve pack and it’s got assorted flat washers in there.

old Bathroom HardwareI just so happen to have the fitting that I need so I got the new washer and I’m going to put this in, now again, take a look at this, this should fit in here exactly, okay? So it does then what I’m going to do is put that original screw and put it back in and I’ll tighten that up real quickly. Okay that is set and….by the way you don’t have to bear down on this whatsoever, just take it and get it finger tight, if you will, so what I’m going to do is to just go ahead and take a Philip screwdriver and screw it in like so, again when you tighten anything, you ought to go clockwise, so that’s done, don’t have to use any force in that whatsoever.

The next thing I’m going to do is to put the ring around this section here, it goes around the screw so you got to be real careful and just kind of roll it on, so now it’ll fit like so, alright? Then what I’m going to do is to put this back together and again it doesn’t turn clockwise, this is different, on this one It turns….to tighten this up, you probably go clockwise, but easily to unscrew and things like that, because see I’m going backwards, this is, this is the end that goes inside towards the wall so I’ve got that and that’s a good fit there, good seal, and so we’re good there, next thing I’m going to do is apply the packing that goes inside here and so what I’m doing here is just using what we call graphite valve packing and…you take this out, it’s kind of a rubbery feeling, it does stretch, does have some elasticity to it.

I’m just going to feed this in a little bit, wrap it around a couple of times and I’m going to go ahead and pull on it and let it stretch, that way it will fit inside, I’m just going to go around probably about three times there, okay? Now I’m going to take the cap here, push this in, unscrew this part here, hold everything, pack it in there and if you need to, you can take a screwdriver, kind of just take it like so and literally pack it in, okay? And screw that in like so, okay? And I’m having to unthread this a little bit where it will pack as a need, you have to do the best you can by hand first and then take your tools and tighten up this section right here and this section right here.