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Painting Trim Around Windows – Tips

painting trim around windowsPainting trim around windows and floor mouldings can be challenging, but not if you have a trim guard (which is also called an edger). This is a must-have tool to make the job easy.

To use a trim guard hold on to the handle and press the metal blade of the gard against the surface you want to shield from the fresh paint.  For example, when painting a window, you can prevent paint from getting on the glass by holding the trim guard against the vertical and horizontal dividers.

To paint the dividers, use a one and a half inch sash brush and begin at the center the window working your way out toward an edge. Don’t drag your brush back across the edge because the corner will scrape off some paint and cause a drip or run.

When you’re painting the molding, press the train guard against the carpeting or the floor surface. One trick to help use this tool effectively is too frequently wipe both its edges to clean of any paint, otherwise you leave telltale paint smears as you go.