Designing a Kitchen Island

As I design the island for our kitchen the first step that I’m going to do is lay out our cabinet boxes, insert the fixtures and appliances, and then I’m going to move on and create this specialty shape countertop that’s raised above the cabinet by 6”.

Let’s close this rendering that I’ve completed already. In our floor plan view I want to select our base cabinet and I’m going to place a base cabinet that will begin as our sink, I’m going to rotate that front around and if I double click on this cabinet I actually want to set the width to be 39” for the sink base, then on the front let’s go ahead and remove that drawer by clicking delete. Now I’ve got a 39” cabinet that we can use for the sink base.

Chief Architect stovetopWith this cabinet I want that centered on the cook range that we got from our friends at Appliance Masters ( so again use the center tool in the lower left hand corner, select our cook range and now that’s centered. I also want that to be approximately 74” from that cook range, so I’ll go ahead and enter that dimension right in there.

Another base cabinet that we’ll use for a dishwasher we’ll place here, and finally let’s go in to our library here and I’ve already got a microwave cabinet that I’ve added in to my library. Let’s go ahead and place that, again you can group select these items and add them in to your library.

If you’ve added a specialty cabinet or group selected a cabinet with a fixture or lighting you can add that in. In the library let’s also open up our dishwasher, let’s click on this cabinet and insert that in to the cabinet and a sink. Scroll down and find our sink and these are just my favorites again that I’ve added in to my folder, you can easily add these or you can go out and search for another custom sink, appliance or use manufacturer specific elements.

Another base cabinet that we’ll put off to the side I want to make this a 21” and I also want to make this a pullout for a recycling center. I’m going to select this drawer here and press delete, I may even convert that, you can see the opening indicator and I want that to be a pullout so let’s set that to be a pullout drawer.

One more cabinet that will actually make a corner cabinet, stretch that out to be 36” and to convert that in to a corner cabinet I’m going to double click on it. First thing is I’m going to delete the drawer out of it and then for specialty type choose corner. With this corner cabinet I want to create a slight curvature to it, so I’m going to set a concave dimension of -3”. You see the preview updated, select okay and it looks like I’m going to have to rotate that around now.

One more cabinet off to the side, let’s go ahead and bump that in to place. On this cabinet I want it to be a bank of drawers so let’s go in add new, choose a drawer, give it a dimension and this bottom door we’ll convert in to a drawer. Now I have my bank of cabinets and the appliances and fixtures in for the island, the next step will be to create the stand off island.