Simple, High ROI Home Improvement Ideas

improve a chaing link fenceDo you happen to have a rental property or maybe even your own property that have a chain link fence running the whole thing that’s not really attractive? Well, I have a secret tip for you for under fifty bucks that will let you redo your entire yard that I learned from the folks who manage a lot of rental properties – I’ve made a small mock up for you.

So imagine the ending product looking roughly like this from, obviously, the basic rustic metal pipes that you see in a lot of yards. So let me show you the products you need to make this come together. You’re just going to need to get yourself some standard six inch fencing board redwood and then you are going to fabricate a way to attach it using some conduit clamping. I happen to have one inch and wanted a quarter inch clamps.

Now it’s interesting is the one inch actually measures one and a quarter and the one and a quarter actually measures one and a half. So there might be a little bit of experimentation on your part , to figure out what you need. In addition, I’ve got a box of number eight screws, a three quarter inch and one inch which are going to screw in from the back of the clamps into the wood. And I will show you up here what I’ve done. Very simple.

fencing backsideFrom the back side you can clearly see, I’ve used the ducting clamp here to go around the pipe and it just screws right into the back of the board. Now you want to be careful that you get a screw that doesn’t go through to the front, where you can see it from your yard. That’s about it. So you can use some resourcefulness on your part to determine what size clamps you need and how long of screws you need.

I’ve showed you what I needed for this particular construction right here, but that is essentially it. There is another little detail you might notice right here, the top of the fence has these little risers with the hole in it for the pipe to go along the top and it causes the top board to stick out just a little bit, but the advantage of that is from our side, from the yard side, for this rental, is that it actually gives a niceĀ  reveal, it looks actually really attractive.

So, each application might be a little different, but this is just showing you how could think outside the box and be resourceful to use products that are not intended for what they are used for to do some really attractive and really simple and affordable fix for your yard. Here is one more little detail to save you a little bit of time.

Be sure that you put your clamps that are going to go on the boards that run vertically on first. Put then around, because once you have the board here, like this, from the back side, it might be hard to position those in. So, it’s easy to put them on first and then you can throw these boards on right on top of them, from the back side just screw them in.

What I am going to do is put all the boards up leaning on here first, I am going to have them sticking up and then I am going to be putting the boards to cross horizontally afterwards, sizing them in perfectly and then, after all that is done, I’ll be cutting off these extra pieces. So that makes the job super fast.

I am guessing this whole entire project is going to cost under fifty bucks and take about two hours. Okay. We’ve done the half way point we’ve measured the distance between the posts and did the boards half way roughly and so, now what we have to do is measure the exact amount that is left, cut those and we will cut those tops off and we will show you the finish product.

All right. So you can see where it has a seam in the middle here and as I go along, they are all connected and all there is left to do is just chop off this top riser and you might want to go straight across, that is how we are going to do it, we are going to go straight across, or you can have a nice little reveal, like a fence post, but I really like how this, naturally, has a little bump here.

Just because of the design of our fence, it has a nice reveal. So that’s it. And I will show you the finish product here in about ten minutes. Here you go. Super simple, hope you enjoyed that, hope it is useful for you, if you have it right on, you’re trying to spruce it up a little bit on the budget, or you just don’t want to waste a lot of time or money, takes a lot of time to put a large fence.

But taking advantage of the existing steel pipes, it’s kind of the way to go. I’ll go along the back side of the fence and you can see how it’s all done now. You see the straps here in the corners and how it’s on there, that’s pretty straightforward, so that is how it looks like from the back, completely done. So I am going to go around the front and show you how that looks like.

So here we are with the finish product and you can see it’s a whole heck better than looking at a chain link fence.