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Troubleshooting Electric Ovens with Austin Appliance Repair Master

What we’re going to be doing today in this article is we’re going to be checking the ERC, electronic range control, the main control to the oven. And there’s a few reasons you might want to check them, one of them would be the light, it won’t power up and all, it’s not responding to any of the commands or you’re getting a fault code that’s referring to check or replace the ERC. We’ll be getting some great insight into how to go about tackling this from our good friends at Austin Appliance Repair Masters (www.austinappliancemasters.com), who always provide great tips.

So the first thing what you want to do is want to check to make sure you don’t have any stuck buttons and to do that just simply push each one and feel that you can feel it retracts, you’ll actually hear it too. If they all feel good, which just one does, next thing that you want to do is take it apart.

Now, this is a GE, there’s a lot of different models out there, so it may come apart different. Some of them will have any caps, it going to come off, two or three screws, four screws underneath and few on the back and then this usually just pops right off, this one pulls out a little and pull off. It’s got two screws underneath and 4 along at the back so we get that taken apart and just want to carefully set it down.

Now, here’s our control here and you can see there’s 4 screws holding this is here but before we do that, what we want to do now, we have it unplugged now I’ve referred to the tech sheet which was usually taped around the back and this one was on the back and it showed me what lines are coming in and what I was looking for is an L1 which is this red one right here and then we want the neutral which is either one of those white.

I want to get out my multimeter and I want to set it to volts and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to plug this in and then I’m going to take my volt meter and I’m going to connect to one lead to the line in and one lead to white and I should have a 120 volts coming to it which I do.

So unplug that, so then the other thing you want to do is you want to carefully inspect this with the flashlight for any burn marks and all the slightest little burn mark is an indication that it is no good and inspect one of these relays and if you’ll look close sometimes you’ll leave and see the bake and the broil, the words written right on it, telling you what relay is what, or if you’ll look at your tech sheet it will tell you that.

So, I don’t see any burn marks but that doesn’t mean that it is not any good. So if you got power coming in to it and its not responding to anything you going to need to replace it. And to replace it, it’s pretty easy, you just take out these 4 screws and we have it unplugged and its showing a pulse greyed out.

Now this is the membrane, this particular one doesn’t have a separate membrane on it. What this is is more or less just a sticker and the membrane are actually like that also. So sometimes when you get your new control, this doesn’t come with it, so you want to do is make sure you got it oriented to the new one right next to it oriented correctly. Take a razor blade, get under the edge, peel it up and then just peel it right off and then stick it right back on to the new one on the same spot and press it down and then check each button to make sure they respond. You can feel and then you just set it right back in once you have the new one in place and it’s easy to tell where these wires goes so you won’t have to label anything.

You have your new one in place, screwed in and then just connect your wires up to where your taken them off, one at a time and then just reassemble and that’s all there is to it. If you need this electronic range control, just go online, punch in your model number and the part will come up and we’ll tell you if it’s in stock and how quick we can get it to you. Thanks for reading.